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From Waterloo, Iowa to Chinandega, Nicaragua
Rotarians Send Shoeboxes Full of Love
(And Lots of Neat Stuff) To Benefit
"The Children of the Dump"

Our club's biggest overall community effort of the past year was clearly our "Shoebox Project" to send more than 3000 boxes to Chinandega, Nicaragua for "the children of the dump" orphanage. Past District Governor Steve Thorpe organized this the first time during his year as President, and it has grown annually since then. Churches, schools and businesses throughout the metro area fill the boxes with clothing and educational items. Each box is marked with an age and gender, helping guide selection of items. Everything from toothbrushes to t-shirts to school supplies goes in there. Yes, even shoes.

Members of the club prepare the boxes for shipment. Some go the extra mile, traveling to Chinandega to help deliver the boxes to orphans.

Boxes need to be back to Rotary Club by September 6, 2007

Boxes shipped by September 15, 2007

Trip to Nicaragua is November 13-22, 2007

Click here to download the list for boys

Click here to download the list for girls

Packages arriving
The cartons of shoeboxes arrive in Chinandega, Nicaragua.Boxes
Rotarians prepare the boxes for distribution at the orphanage."

Steve Thorpe explains the project to the wife of Nicaraguan President Enrique Balonas, in Chinandega. Last year 900 of the 2,400 shoeboxes packed in Waterloo were given to the First Lady to distribute to needy children nationwide.

The distribution gets underway.
Waterloo Rotarians help hand out the shoeboxes to eager children.

Face full of joy
Is the thing itself the gift, or is it knowing that someone cares?Mine!
"Now I have something of my very, very own!"

We hope that these pictures will help you understand our club's project. When it is time to fill a shoebox this year, please join with the thousands of other families who are already helping!

Thank you,

Waterloo Rotary Club

Click here to send us an e-mail. Mention you want to know more about the shoebox project, and let us know how to contact you. We'd love to help you get involved!