Club Service Committees

One of Rotary's four "Avenues of Service," Club Service emphasizes activities directly benefiting the Club itself. Committees include:

Jack Locke, Chair

Scheduled Functions for 2006-2007:
Family Picnic Thursday, August 17, 2006 Steve Finegan, Alex Nebel Co-Chairs
Pork Chop Dinner Thursday, November 2, 2006 Todd Wordel, Todd Rohlfsen, Chairman
Chili & Cheese Soup Supper Sunday, January 21, 2007 Henry Edsil, Beth Lee, Chairman
Steak Fry Thursday, June 28, 2007 Gregg Humble, Chairman
New members are encouraged to volunteer to help at Rotary Reserve functions to help them get to know their fellow Rotarians in a relaxed, informal, and fun setting.

Steve Showers, Chair

This program is an opportunity to provide special recognition for each member during the month of his/her birthday. Statistical facts and trivia are provided about the honorees both as a group and individually with special attention given to new members. Everyone at the birthday table is introduced by name and occupation. A donation of 50 cents for each year of their age is collected from the honorees to be used in support of club-sponsored activities for youth.

Dave Buck, Chair

The club bulletin provides relevant news to Rotarians about upcoming events on a weekly basis. Members have the option of receiving the Rotary Reporter on-line.

Mike Walden, Chair

Photograph VIP speakers and other Rotary events.

Clair Hein, Chair

We are in a monthly member exchange with the Cedar Falls Rotary Club where one of our members attends their club meetings and vice versa.

Donna Miller, Chair

To achieve their mission of promoting acquaintance and friendship among the members, this committee will be assigning "greeters" to welcome members and guests to the weekly meeting.

Mary Ann Burk & Linda Klinger, Co-Chairs

This committee's focus is to review grant opportunities to determine if their criteria match with the programs and goals of the club and then to subsequently submit the necessary paperwork to receive said grant.

Steve Showers, Chair

This committee accumulates information about the club and its members for "The Historical Review of the Club." This committee also makes sure the pictures in the picture case at the Rotary Reserve are fastened securely and occasionally changed.

Howard Gallatin, Chair

Volunteers are arranged by this committee to lead the members in prayer at each weekly meeting. We attempt to include petitions relative to the Rotary program as well as current club, community, and national issues.


To net one new member per month is the 2006-2007 goal of this committee. They can only accomplish this with the help of the entire membership.

Danny Gleeson, Chair

This committee reviews and assigns a classification for each new member. An on-going goal is to update classifications for unassigned members.

Stan Anderson

Volunteers for this committee come primarily from the new members group as this provides a terrific opportunity to meet other Rotarians. Volunteers are asked to serve for one month distributing name badges.

Steve Carignan

This committee provides leadership for music at the weekly meeting, keeping the songs appropriate for each meeting's program.

Michelle Weidner, Chair

The function of this committee is to review office operations to provide continuity and to function as a conduit for ideas, concerns and suggestions regarding office administration, policies and practices.

Steve Schmitt, Chair

This committee is responsible for conducting orientation each month (or as needed) for new members joining the club. This session is intended to be informative about both Rotary International and our local club programs and projects.

Art Cox, Chair

This club is tasked with arranging for a variety of interesting and informative speakers covering a range of topics from the arenas of business, community, sports, education and politics.

Gary Wheat, Chair

Promotion! This committee works with the Club President, Board of Directors and Committee Chairs to make sure newsworthy club events and projects are promoted through the local media.

Gene Lawin, Chair

This committee is responsible for the web site.

Shannon Farlow, Chair

Each month, a Rotarian is assigned to administer the Visitor's table for the month. Their duties include registering guests and visiting Rotarians as well as announcing them during the weekly meeting.