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July 28, 2008

  PresidentMason Fromm will introduce us to the clubís newly redesigned web site today. The site is powered by Club Runner, a program used by many clubs and districts. If you want to visit the site before the meeting, go to

G8 Nations Reaffirm
Polio Polio Eradication Goal

At their July summit meeting in Japan, the G8 nations agreed to "maintain momentum towards the historical achievement of eradicating polio."

To do so, their joint statement continued, "We will meet our previous commitments to maintain or increase financial contributions to support the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and encourage other public and private donors to do the same." Together, the G8 countries -- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States -- account for more than half of all funding. The initiative is led by the World Health Organization, Rotary International, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF.

The G8 first placed polio eradication on its summit agenda in 2002. It has renewed its commitment to eradication at every summit since then, but not all member countries have completed their financial contributions.

In addition to raising funds, G8 countries work as a group to advocate broad support for ending polio. Advocacy by G8 leaders for the four remaining polio-endemic countries -- Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan -- is critical to ensure eradication of the disease.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation welcomed the G8ís renewed commitment to finishing polio. Following release of the G8ís 2008 summit communiquť, the Gates Foundation stated, "In recognition of the G8ís continued attention to polio eradication, the foundation will commit at least $150 million to fight polio this year. This is in addition to the $250 million we have committed to date toward polio eradication efforts."

Finishing polio worldwide remains Rotaryís top goal. Vital to helping achieve that goal is Rotaryís $100 Million Challenge, the three-year funding effort to match the Gates Foundationís $100 million grant to The Rotary Foundation for polio eradication.

Family Picnic
This Week

The family picnic is one of the biggest events of the year and itís this Thursday, July 31 at our Rotary Reserve. Details are contained in the enclosed flyer. But here are a couple of other additional ideas:

Shoeboxes Available,
Please Do Your Part

We said it for seven years, the shoebox project Steve Thorpe and our club leads, is one of the most amazing in all of Rotary. A handful of clubs in the Midwest may do something this complex once or twice, but not seven times.

So itís a little disappointing that 75 members donít participate, especially when every member of Crossroads Rotary does.

Inflation has driven the cost of filling a box up to about $40, but with back to school sales now in progress, that cost can be lowered. And if you just canít get to the mall, give us the $40 and weíll find someone to shop for you

If shoeboxes arenít your thing, how about doing one or more layette bags for new mothers or donate one or more bikes that are cluttering your garage. Boxes will be available at the registration table this week and at the family picnic.

No Meeting Next Week

Because of the family picnic on Thursday, there will be no meeting on Monday, August 4.